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Jane Air 

“Thanks for flying Jane Air. Are you escaping for business or for pleasure? Will you be stowing any wives today?”

King LearJet

“Welcome to LearJet. Are you traveling alone, or like two birds i’the cage?”

The Quiet American Airlines

“One has to take sides, if one is to remain human. Your side is just past the attendant’s station, on the right-hand side of the plane.”

All Quiet On The SouthWestern Air Front

“Will members of Group A, 1-36 please prepare to go over the top.”

Lufthansel and Gretel

“There aren’t enough breadcrumbs in the world for you to find your way home.”

The Mayor of CastAirBridge Airlines

“Serving the many airports of Wessex County daily.”

Alaskandal in Bohemia Airlines

“Such a pity that you are not on our level.”

To the Virgin Airlines, To Make Much of Time

“Old Time is still a-flying, and so are we.”

The Spirit of the Age Airlines

“We will admit that this one is a stretch.”

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