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OH HELL NO, LADY, this is a time you are fully justified in saying “ACCOUNT HACKED BY MOTHER IN LAW DISREGARD PICTURES OF MY VAG” (also, OMG the lady who is trying to convince her husband to sit to pee):

Q. Birthing Photos on Facebook: While I was in labor, my mother-in-law used my cellphone to take pictures of me in various stages of undress and used my account to post them on Facebook. I had no idea as I was half out of it and only had vague awareness of her holding my phone. I didn’t check Facebook for a couple of days so the pictures were up there for all to see, accompanied by very detailed captions of how I was progressing. I can’t even begin to explain how violated I felt. I have taken down all pictures but I also feel embarrassed that my friends, co-workers, etc., all thought it was me posting photos of myself in such an intimate situation. Should I post some kind of an explanation? I don’t even know what to say.

A PIECE ABOUT NICOLE’S FAVOURITE MOVIE, EVERYONE. Oh, and the genius screenwriter literally has not watched it since it came out because everyone hated it and it bummed her out but it was BRILLIANT and SUBVERSIVE and FUNNY:

“Usually fans are pretty fanatical about that movie,” Janney told BuzzFeed. She said she is approached about Drop Dead Gorgeous more often than almost any other project she’s been a part of — even after winning four Emmys for her work on The West Wing. “My funniest moment about Drop Dead Gorgeous was being in an airport and sitting next to some kids who were going over their favorite Loretta lines … and I said, ‘Um, hi, I played Loretta in the movie.’ And they literally started screaming. It was really funny. I feel like a rock star being part of that movie.”

Advice for journalists and writers of color from some of the best sources you know.

i love himmmm


This Detroit water situation is reaching and surpassing epic shitshow proportions:

Some physically obstruct the contractors. Others leave cars parked over their mains at night. A guide circulating online instructs people how to lock the main back on and seal it in concrete. “If anyone from the city or water department asks what happened: the shutoff is outside your home,” it says. “Who knows what some radical did while you were asleep?”

But resistance is risky. A city inspection of 178 homes whose water was shut off last week found that 79 had restarted their supplies, triggering $21,750 in fines on top of what the residents already owed. Of 414 shut-off homes checked in June, 205 were found to have turned the water back on. A first-time penalty is $250. Being caught a second time carries a $500 fine. A third strike, supposedly, leads to the permanent termination of the house’s water supply.

1. interesting piece about the importance of going beyond “pray about it” for evangelicals dealing with mental illness

2. lol at “Ben” in the comments who is the WORST

hangs head and links to a buzzfeed list of funny GIFs


Our own Niesha Davis is running an Indie GoGo campaign for her web series, “Black Girl in the ROK.”

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