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10 Reasons Robot Servants Are Going to Change the World

57 Ways Robot Servants Can Make Your Life Easier

50 Rejoinders to the Reluctant Adopter of Robot Servants

30 Tasks Your New Robot Servants Can Do Better Than You

28 Ways Robot Servants Can Assist Your Cat

26 Small Ways You Can Help Your Robot Servants Adjust to Your Home

22 Quirks Robot Servants Manifest Around Your Cat

15 Speeches of Encouragement For Your Robot Servants

99 Signs Your Robot Servants May be Depressed

100 Techniques to Entice Your Robot Servants Away From Your Cat To Clean Your House

101 Signs Your Robot Servants May Secretly Resent You

113 Signs Your Robot Servants Are Plotting Against You

118 Items from Your Household Potentially Dangerous in the Hands of Your Robot Servants

121 Forms Collaboration between Your Robot Servants and Cat May Take

123 Bargaining Techniques for Use with Robot Servants And/Or Cats

139 Techniques for Turning the Affection of Your Robot Servants for Your Cat to Your Advantage

158 Ways to Build a Barricade to Stop your Murderous Robot Servants

189 Ways to Convince Your Cat to Stay on Your Side of the Barricade

190 Reasons Your Robot Servants Will Overpower Your Flimsy Barricades

290 Reasons You’re Better Off Entrusting Power to a Class of Robot Governors and Their Consort Cats

6792 Ways You Will Serve Your New Robot Masters and their Consort Cats

13 Reasons Humans Are Perfect Pets for Cats

Hal Parker is a student of life. He lives in Philadelphia.

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