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800px-Lake_LureThe Oceans Are Fine And Full Mostly Of Fish And Water, With A Very Small, Normal Amount Of Plastic In Them

Still Plenty Of Places For Us To Put Our Garbage Before We Have To Start Worrying About Anything

There Are Over 1300 Species Of Birds In Danger Of BIRTHDAY PARTIES

Pretty Much All Trees Are Doing Fine And Also There Are No New Diseases For You To Worry About

People Just Don’t Seem To Be Getting Alzheimer’s Any More

You’re Getting Plenty Of Sleep; Don’t Worry About It

Increased Sausage McMuffin Consumption Linked To Gracefulness, “Swan-like” Necks In 27-Year-Old Bloggers

Temperatures Normal For This Time Of Year

Yosemite Fire Goes Out All By Itself

Some Good News About Whales

Everything In The Rainforest Is Normal And Great

Sitting’s Honestly Not That Bad

We’re So Far Away From Any Kind Of Tipping Point That It Would Be Ridiculous To Worry

Southern California Faces Another Week Of Moderate, Seasonally Appropriate Rain

Swansea University fit backpacks to learn sheep secrets

Shocking Pictures Demonstrate How Consistently Level California’s Water Reserves Are

Not Eating A Burger Right Now Linked To Depression, Is Easily Cured By Eating A Burger Right Now

Scientists Find Evidence Of Life On Europa, The Good Kind, That’s Conscious And Mobile And Friendly, Not An Outline Of What Might Have Once Been Bacteria

Mosquitos? Never Heard Of ‘Em

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