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Is blue light from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other electronic devices keeping you from sleeping at night? No, it’s not. We checked. We’re science, and we looked into it. You’re worried about the blue light, but you don’t have to be. You’ll sleep when it’s time for sleeping, and the blue light can’t stop you, or screens.

It’s fine, what’s inside of you. The blue light from the screens doesn’t suppress anything. You’ve got all the right hormones coursing inside of you. You don’t have to check to make sure we’re telling the truth, because it’s fine.

The studies we did, they show it’s fine. You slept normal. We looked, and it was normal. Did a study on you, on everybody, and it’s all sleeping fine. Want to know what happened in the study? Good things. Sleep things. Night things. The light from your phone isn’t bothering you, and you can leave it on all you want. More than all you want, or just all you want, either is fine, as long as it’s more. The light is fine, so why mind it? Nothing’s keeping you up. You always slept like this. You’re sleeping now. Science says don’t worry, so don’t. Your body knows when to sleep, and the blue light isn’t going anywhere.

Someone was real concerned about how the blue screens made them sleep, or didn’t. Not us. Someone. Well, we found out it’s fine. The problem was something else. The problem wasn’t a problem. Different whole thing. You have your morning screen, then your work screen, then your commute screen, then your table screen, then your bed screen, and there’s nothing you can do about it, and why should you? Because the light, the blue light, it’s fine. You don’t have to do anything two hours before bed. You can look at whatever you want. Don’t worry about what you’re looking at, what’s looking at you.

You’ll sleep soon, and that’s fine.


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