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“Local Mom Says ‘Try Apples Instead’”
The Dawson Dispatch on Dolores Huerta’s leadership of the Delano Grape Strike, September 8, 1965


“Local Mom has a Passion for Acting”
The Summit Record on Meryl Streep’s 18th Oscar nomination, January 19, 2011


“Local Mom Voted National Mom.”
The South Chicago Bulletin on Michelle Obama becoming the first African-American First Lady, November 10, 2008


“Local Mom Plans Purim Carnival”
The Bay City Courier on Madonna’s Kabbalah Center membership, February 15, 1997


“Local Mom Gets Some Sun”
The La Mesa Local on Ellen Ochoa’s space shuttle mission, April 4, 1993


“Local Mom Says ‘Purple’ is Best Color for Fall”
The Putnam Bugle on the publication of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, September 3, 1983


“Local Mom Finds the Perfect Nursery”
The Wausau Weekly on Marissa Mayer’s tenure as CEO of Yahoo!, October 30, 2012


“Local Mom Grounds Miners”
The Grantham Herald on Margaret Thatcher’s defeat of the National Union of Mineworkers, March 3, 1985


“Local Mom Can’t Wait for Camp”
The Upper West Side Report on the publication of Susan Sontag’s “Notes on Camp,” August 3, 1966


“Local Mom Thrilled with New Cabinet”
The Worcester Ledger on Frances Perkins’ appointment as Secretary of Labor, February 4, 1933


“Local Mom has a Glow about Her”
The Warsaw Gazette on Marie Curie’s discovery of radium, December 27, 1898


“Local Mom’s ‘Program’ for No More Math”
The London Rag on Ada Lovelace’s notes for the first computer program, July 17, 1846


“Local Mom Can’t Get Enough Jewelry”
The Stettin Post on Catherine the Great’s coronation, September 25, 1762


“Local Mom Has Too Much Free Time”
The Heian-kyo Observer on Murusaki Shikibu’s authorship of the first novel March 30, 1011


“Local Mom Unimpressed by Big City Londinium”
The Iceni Monitor on Boudica’s military campaign against the Roman Empire, June 10, 60 AD


“Local Mom Dabbles in Real Estate”
The Nile Picayune on Hatshepsut’s unprecedented construction campaign, October 21, 1463 BC

Stephanie Feldman's debut novel is The Angel of Losses (HarperCollins.) She is a mom local to Philadelphia, and tweets at @sbfeldman.

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