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strange, how many people
with thoughts

like this one: i could look good as a blonde
if i didn’t have
my face

which would not look good
as a blonde.

there is a bird here. it cries,
like my childhood.

we can all be doing all sorts of things
under a huge tarp.

how many fingers
am i holding
(your nose)?


in my grandfather’s yard
     we glued pipe cleaners
     onto our arms. “y’all want
     to clean or not to clean?!
i’m gonna
     have another cuppa.”
     a mile away,
     bessie smutt learns
     about Life from teddy bernstein
     who told her simply: grab it
     if you wanna. there are simply
     so many things to watch
     on netflix. his member
     rises and falls
     like the sea
     of my childhood.
     grandpappy always knew
     the way to clean. we clean
     our souls. call 773
     bleep bleep bleep bleep


the hawk said to the nightingale
put / my toothbrush back
now it’s been 3 months
i wept
for all that is kept
and all that must be

in my mind’s
a dentistwithgrapefingers
fondles me (so gently)

everything reminds me of You
like that thing of staples i found
lying prone on the ground
next to some Carrots probably gobbled up
and discarded.

You gobbled
me up but i am not
Discarded. (or am I !)
lately there are people’s babies
everywhere. i am not sure

Princeton '17, not a moth enthusiast. Follow her on Twitter.

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