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There’s a lot of stuff about personality type going around! I have not bothered to look at what any of them mean, until now! What I found is really surprising.

Rest assured; all of us are very special and interesting!

ENTJ:  Empathetic, Normally, Towards Jaguars


INTJ: Introverted Nine-Toed Juggler

ENTP: Emerging Nameless Terrifying Phantasm

INTP: Internet Nonconformist, Too Persnickety

ENFJ: Earner of No Free Jelly

INFJ: Into Nasty Fucking, Jeeeez

ENFP: For you, Eels Nominally Feel Pity


INFP: Is NOT Fearful of Potatoes

ESTJ: Easily Scorned, a Titanic Jerk

ISTJ: Is Scared of Thomas Jefferson

ESFJ: Earnestly Scintillated by Franz Joseph I of Austria

ISFJ: Imprisoned for Stealing Forty Jumbo Jets

ESTP: Electronically Shops for Toilet Paper

ISTP: Interested Specifically in Turtle Penises

ESFP: Enormous Super-Fan of Pizza

ISFP: Into Snakes, For Porn


Matt Lubchansky makes comics and occasionally leaves his apartment in New York. You can find his weekly comics here, or on twitter here.

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