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Your editor is a fool, a true true fool, but as she sat in her bed on Friday morning, the thought came to her: would it be so unthinkable to fly to New York for PRECISELY 24 hours to have one meal with her dearest friends and then see Hamilton that night and fly out of JFK the night morning?

And the still small voice in her heart said: “Nicole, this is what you must do with your one wild and precious life and a whole bunch of money that you will be happy you spent once you are lying wanly on your deathbed.”

So, NYC Toasties, I will not see you, but know that I am in your city the night of the 27th to see THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, APPARENTLY and I will think of you lovingly as I drag my butt off my friend’s air mattress to go back to JFK the next morning.

Melissa Gira Grant on Amnesty International and the decriminalization of sex work:

Using the criminal law to control sex work means police are pitted against sex workers, and sex workers can pay the price with their lives. Sex workers who are also migrants, transgender, and/or people of color or ethnic minorities are intensely subject to this kind of criminalization and exclusion, as has also been documented by Amnesty—and others, like Human Rights Watch, UNAIDS, and the World Health Organization, all of whom support the decriminalization of sex work, a stance also backed by recent research in the medical journal The Lancet. Sex workers’ own rights groups, such as the 237 organizations in 71 countries under the Global Network of Sex Work Projects, report the same from their own experience: Criminal laws only add to the challenges—poverty, marginalization, access to health care—that many sex workers already face.

I would definitely considering buying these! Anyone who tries to talk about the DivaCup will be banned. I have to wear a pad with the DivaCup so I’m not coming out ahead (yes, I know there are different sizes.) You only need to accidentally dump a shot glass of blood on your jeans while in a public bathroom once.

Doctor Who has cast a trans woman in a cis role! LET THERE BE CELEBRATIONS.

Choire returns to the age-old question: wait, how tall are these people?

Jacqui Shine on the mixed legacy of Andrew Carnegie:

The occasion, however, was also something of a victory lap for Carnegie. Less than two years earlier, he had successfully forced the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers (AAISW) from the Braddock steel mill, and reverted the facility back to a twelve-hour workday—from the hard-won eight-hour workday for which the AAISW had fought. He referred to this event only elliptically, as “a memorable occasion, when we had a little unpleasantness, which is happily forgotten and forgiven on both sides.” Nonetheless, Carnegie used his speech to make his stance clear: “The fatal enemy of labor is labor, not capital.”

That the library was meant to be a peace offering was not lost on those in attendance. “There seemed to a sort of ‘grin and bear it’ feeling prevailing,” the Homestead Local News reported. “As if the library and good advice tendered was counting for one for the people and a half dozen for Mr. Carnegie.” From the first, Carnegie’s munificence was closely tied to his ruthlessness.

I’ve written before about the incredible heroics of Dr Frances Kelsey, who we lost last week. A great Canadian, a great patriot, a great everything, who saved so many people from a drug that should never have been approved for use in pregnant women ANYWHERE.

Bison Selfies!

The darkest Who Would You Rather has GOT to be Joey v Ross:

Tyler: The only trick in my heart, obviously. I would go with the lovably stupid Joey, played by the lovably smart (because I maintain it takes a genius to play that dumb) Matt LeBlanc. I mean, Joey has the best catchphrase (“How you doin’?”), the best job (soap opera semi-star!), and the best hair. Seriously, that is some ASPIRATIONAL ‘90s floppy hair. I am assuming, considering the archives of this column, that you’re going to live up to your full monstrous potential and pick Ross.

Deleted comments of the weekend:

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