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A new set of horoscopes by Madame Clairevoyant, formerly of The Rumblr.

Aries: It’s not so much that you’ve been waiting, not that you’ve been holding back all summer, just that all of your growth has been happening quietly, in the dark, under the surface. Things inside you have been changing almost too slowly to notice, but now they might start coming to the surface. This month, things that have been blurry will start to resolve themselves. Things that have been tangled will start to make sense. Don’t be afraid of your bright new strength.

Taurus: Some months are for feeling big and some are for feeling small, and some are just for feeling the shining weirdness of the world. This month, the world doesn’t need to make sense; it doesn’t have to tell you a story. A little bit of confusion isn’t the worst thing, in these days full of colors, this month full of songs. Try to let the world surprise you, a little bit. See how much you can surprise your own self.

Gemini: This month, as the days get shorter and the wind blows strange, it can be easy to forget where you’re going. It can be easy to forget who you are. This month, try to spend your time with other people. Let them sit with you, shining their own strange light. Let them reflect your own face back to you. There are things you can’t do for yourself, and that is okay. You’re independent and wild, and still you’re not alone.

Cancer: There are certain feelings knotted up tight inside yourself, certain memories that still press on you like a bruise. There are things that could bother you forever and there are things that can be healed, and there’s sunlight, there are trees, there are stars that spell quiet messages to you in the night. This is a month for doing what you can, for finding the sweetness you need. This is a month to nourish yourself. It’s a month to keep living.

Leo: There are so many different ways you could live. There are so many different ways of being the person who you are, some of them harder, some of them lighter, some of them stranger and some of them kinder, but you can’t be everything. You don’t have to be. Feel the boundaries of your body. Feel the bright sharp edges of your dreams. You are only one person and you have a whole wild world inside yourself, and that is enough.

Virgo: Sometimes your sweet feelings aren’t enough to get you through your days, and that’s okay. Sometimes you need something stronger, something harder, something weirder. There are places inside you as cold and sparkling as ice. There are places inside you that burn like volcanos, that burn like the sun. This month, remember how much you carry inside yourself, how many colors, how many secrets, how many songs. You’re alive, and you’re bigger and stranger and stronger than you even know.

Libra: Pay attention to the way the light changes as the air starts to get cooler. Pay attention to the mornings that feel fresh and golden. Pay attention to the times you feel most alive. This month, and the ones coming after it, are going to be better than the months you’ve had before. You’ve learned so much this summer and you’ve seen so many things. Now you’re coming home, and your arms are strong and the sky is bright. This time is yours. These days are sweet.

Scorpio: There are hours of the day and months of the year when you can see your own future with more clarity, when you can see the time become solid in front of you, when you can see the shape of your own heart. Sometimes the whole world floats in possibilities, but sometimes, it’s important to let your life take on solid form. This month, feel your own bones, your own skin, your soft body. You’re bright and strange and real, and you have choices to make.

Sagittarius: On days that move too slowly, on days when you don’t have enough to do, you might get so bored it can feel like your whole body’s on fire; so restless it feels like you might shout, like you might cry, like you might burst. There’s an energy inside you more powerful than you know, and it needs to move. It needs to breathe. This is a month for action. This is a month for working very hard. Don’t let your wild desire go to waste.

Capricorn: This is a month for believing in the things that you know to be true, even the ones that are invisible, even the ones that can’t be touched. This is a week for standing up for yourself and your thoughts and your memories. You can’t know everything, but you’re smarter than you think you are. You’re wiser than you feel. You have a life that belongs to no one but you, and you have a heart that beats bright and true.

Aquarius: It’s easy, sometimes to feel like you’re older than you really are. It’s easy to think that your future is smaller than it is. It’s easy to imagine walls where there are doors, easy to imagine ends where there are only long highways and open skies and strange beginnings. This month, try to remember how big your imagination really is. Try to remember how much space you have to move. Think of all the things you don’t yet know. The world is so big and you have plenty of time.

Pisces: There’s so much space all around you, and there are so many ways you can move through it. You don’t have to feel stuck. There’s all the space you could need. Spend your time on rooftops. Spend your time in the mountains. Listen to the way the wind moves, the way your own voice carries. This is a month for trusting your sense of direction, from trusting your own balance, for trusting the way your dreams loop and expand and fill up the sky.

Madame Clairevoyant (a.k.a. Claire Comstock-Gay) writes fiction and horoscopes and works with teenagers during the day. You can find more of her writing here.

Jen May is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her website is somewhat regularly updated with new work.

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