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The Toast presents a new set of horoscopes by Madame Clairevoyant, formerly of The Rumblr.

Aries: This month might feel like the ocean; this month might feel like the wind. This is a month for you to float, for you to feel the rhythm of the tides and the tug of the moon, for you to feel your body light as air. Your thoughts might not feel quite solid, and this isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes, your dreams can carry you farther than your feet. There are so many forces that are bigger than you. There are so many different ways to move through the world.

Taurus: This month, try to step back from your doubts for a minute. Try to step back from the dizzying edges of your worst thoughts. There are so many things in this world trying to throw you off balance, and sometimes it’s good just to close your eyes. Sometimes it’s good just to feel the air on your face and your feet on the ground. Sometimes it’s good to stand still until you can feel the quiet pull of the earth’s poles, reminding you where you are, reminding you where you’re going, reminding you of your own true name.

Gemini: This month, try to remember that your time is sacred. Your time is precious. Your time burns as bright as the sun. Your time is your own. You can move and you can dance and you can get things done, or you can sit and dream in the warm afternoons. It doesn’t matter what you do, it just matters that your days belong to you. Let your days fill you with energy. Let your days fill you with joy. Let your days fill you with love for this funny green world.

Cancer: When you feel a lightness this month, in your feet, in your thoughts, try not to fight it. Try not to doubt it. This is a month to let yourself float a little, to let yourself fly. There are things that you and no one else can do. There are things that you and no one else can know. This is a month to stop pretending you’re anything less than you are; it’s a month to stop doubting your own bright magic. Let it shine through your window at night. Let it light up the neighborhood.

Leo: This month will bring movement into your heart. This month will bring changes into your life. They might feel like an earthquake or they might feel like a dream or they might feel like clouds floating slow and soft across the sky. These changes will be necessary and good. They can let you see in new ways. They can open up whole new landscapes of mountains and trees and sky, whole new landscapes of feeling. They can give you space to breathe again. They can give you space to move.

Virgo: As you move through the world this month, your vision can be clear and your heart can be pure. Pay attention to the way the air feels on your skin, the way your feet feel on the ground, the way your voice feels in your throat, the way your dreams feel behind your eyes. The world is full and wild, and this is a month to remember your realest self. Hold on to the moments that feel most right. Hold on to the songs that echo in your skin. Hold on to the love that lives in your bones.

Libra: This month will be full of feelings, full of motion, full of wild unpredictable life. This month will be full of new green landscapes and new bright skies, and sometimes you’ll know where you’re going and sometimes you won’t, but you have what you need to navigate. You can always find your way home again. You can always find your way through. Months like this aren’t always easy, but they aren’t bad, either. Months like this can get your blood moving again. Months like this remind you what it is to be alive.

Scorpio: Sometimes, the things that seem most obvious to you might not be true. Sometimes, the things that seem clear and simple might be more tangled than you know. Sometimes, familiar places turn strange. Sometimes strange places turn stranger. This is a month to stop moving, just for a moment, and get your bearings again. Remember how you came here. Remember where you’re going. This is a month for speaking your own map into being. This is a month for telling yourself the stories that can change everything, the stories that will light your way.

Sagittarius: This month is for regaining your balance; this month is for catching your breath. The world around you has been moving very fast lately, maybe, and it won’t stop this month. You can’t stop either, but you can find your rhythm. You can carve out little pockets of space where you can rest, where you can breathe, where you can gaze out at the wild bright world. Spend your days in places that fill you with energy. You’re capable of more than you think, as long as you keep moving.

Capricorn: This month, the stars and the winds are going to be in your favor. This month, the earth is going to be solid and kind. This is a month for getting things done. This is a month for victories, big and small. Don’t doubt your good feelings this month. Try not to doubt the good things in the world, this month. Let yourself appreciate the sweet morning sun, and the quiet blue nights, and your tired muscles at the end of the day. None of the good things coming to you are random. None of them are undeserved.

Aquarius: There are things that come easy to you, and things that take work, and it can be easy to get them mixed up. It can be easy to get so impatient for your work to pay off all at once, impatient for the future to become clear right away. This month, try not to worry and try not to rush. There is a whole world full of deserts and oceans and life. There is love on all sides of you, strange and warm and bright. Keep your eyes open. Look around. You’re just where you should be.

Pisces: Sometimes, even when you’re at your strongest, even when the whole earth and sky are smiling at you, it can feel like a battle to know your own worth. It can feel like a struggle to trust the gold in your thoughts and the glow in your words. This is a month for fighting that fight. Feel the electric energy in your body. Feel the full range of lives that you could live. This is a month for believing in your own power. This is a month for reckoning with the best parts of yourself.

Madame Clairevoyant (a.k.a. Claire Comstock-Gay) writes fiction and horoscopes and works with teenagers during the day. You can find more of her writing here.

Jen May is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her website is somewhat regularly updated with new work.

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