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This was the week that brought Murphy into our midst. Have you admired him yet? Have you noted what a good boy he is?

Nicole wrote about how she prays, and I found it beautiful and so valuable, personally:

Next, and finally, comes my hands-down favourite part of prayer, and the part that I think is great REGARDLESS of your beliefs or lack thereof: praying for other people. I say this because it teaches you who you love, and who’s important to you. What problems facing others have you taken on as your own? Does this change how you deal with them in real life? Can YOU help answer these prayers with money or time or by listening, etc.? I pray for my family, and I pray for my friends, and I pray for Toasties who have said things in Open Threads that I think they could use some help with, and I pray for the people I make this site with, and I pray for people who are sick, or who have sick boyfriends, and I pray for bigger world stuff, and by the time I’m done, I’ve realized that I love all these people I’ve prayed for (you can throw up now), and that’s very meaningful to me.


For a while I thought we weren’t running any more Harry Potter posts, but I’m quite happy to have been wrong about that.

“This Time Last Year: On Intimacy, Suicidality, and Abuse”:

Really, if I’m being honest, I called the cops because I needed a bigger audience: police, social workers, nurses, doctors. I called the cops the way George kills off his imaginary son in front of guests in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. I hit the panic button. No more make-believe, Martha. To my husband and me, this particular night was only barely beyond the bounds of what had somehow become our everyday back-and-forth. But to an outsider? To an outsider, this would look insane.

“What have you got against falconry?” >>> I love all of the posts in this book discussion series by Johannah and Joe, but this one on The Once and Future King was especially great.

Teri Vlassopoulos wrote for us about parenthood, superstitions, and the time her adorable baby daughter MAY OR MAY NOT have been cursed in Athens. Teri is one of my very favorite writers — I read her zine way back in the day and more recently gave a grad school presentation on her wonderful collection of short stories! — and her first novel, Escape Plans, just came out, so do yourself a favor and pick it up.

A Meat Processing Professional Reviews “Hannibal”

MR. THORNTON: I’m trying to shake hands with you
MARGARET: what kind of Northern strokery is this

I went for a hike through the woods yesterday with a bunch of Girl Scouts. It was a gorgeous day for it, with absolutely perfect weather, and it was just what I needed and really quite lovely and serene right up until the moment when my seven-year-old spilled all of her Sun Chips into the lake, at which point I cracked up and had to reassure her the fish wouldn’t get sick from eating the chips (I hope I was right about that; what else could I say?).


I hope you all do something fun and/or soul-nourishing this weekend. See you on Monday, Toast!

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