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– It dinnae hardly hurt nae more, ma’am

– You maughtn’t mind the muckle nai more, miss, for there’s an everlasting city what swims before these eyes a-nights, and so you musn’t cry none, not for this poor Christian soul

– You must never tell the children how serious the illness is. They couldn’t bear it, and I couldn’t stand to watch them suffer. Do not tell them, even after I am dead. Promise me this.

– You must never tell my wife what afflicts me. She couldn’t bear it. I will stand the pain alone, for her sake.

– A soft and flimsy veil of mist obscures, but does not conceal, the slanting rays of the autumn sun, enrobing everything in a golden hue. A wren is singing behind a red screen of leaves. The first fingers of frost are soon to cast them all down to the earth; already one or two have relinquished their hold on the branches and floated down to rest in the black earth.

– You sha’n’t never see the sea now, not in this world for certain

– God knows the bitterness in my soul, Elizabeth

– My eyes seem to fail me earlier in the evenings now, although I still treasure your letters.

– The Accident

– You must never tell the doctor I am dying. He couldn’t stand it. He is a most sensitive doctor.

– I sometimes wonder if I am not a soul marked out for destruction, like the star named Wormwood that poisons the sea in the book of Revelation. Perhaps I was created to meet the allotment of suffering Divine Providence has apportioned out to Adam’s cursed race.

– Surely by spring I shall climb to the top of the hill again, where once we had such delightful ramblings, and gaze out once more upon a sea of trees. You will come with me, won’t you, Cassandra?

– ‘Tis the smoke-choked air of this cursed mill town, that so fills and oppresses me I think I shall never be rid of it, and if they were to cut me open after I have left this body, they would find nothing but ash and soot inside

– You questioned capitalism and the class system, if only for a moment

– He never was well, mum

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