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  1. Your hair is immaculately slicked back, except for a single curl that falls over an eyebrow. Your left eyebrow.

    You have an unusually attractive cigarette lighter you cannot stop fingering. It is mother-of-pearl.

    You offer a crying woman your handkerchief, but there is no sympathy in your voice.

    Why, you'd do anything for your friends.

  2. You are fourth- or fifth-billed in the credits but have so far contributed almost nothing to the A- and B-storylines.

    In episode 2, you had a throwaway line about a beautiful member of the opposite sex not being your "type," a line that has now taken on a strange significance.

    You are a younger brother who stands to inherit nothing.

  3. - It dinnae hardly hurt nae more, ma'am

    - You maughtn't mind the muckle nai more, miss, for there's an everlasting city what swims before these eyes a-nights, and so you musn't cry none, not for this poor Christian soul

  4. Mild to moderate telekinesis

    Occasional skin leakage

    Shadow loss

    Pearls or roses falling from mouth during speech

    Reverse fingernails

    Occasional resistance to thermodynamics

    Breasts disappear

    Precognition (for restaurant lunch specials only)

    Total memory loss

    Lung fossilization

    Sudden-Onset Unexplained Eye Syndrome

    Partial memory loss

    Sound allergy

    Total memory awareness