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The TV movie’s first act takes place in 1960, the same year the FDA approves birth control pills. +5

The TV movie’s second act takes place in 1990, the year Emory University established the first Ph.D. program in women’s studies in the US. +8

Yet another item in the canon assuming only male-appearing creatures can be horrifying serial killers… -3

…But likely because we understand men are dangerous, and women would be too good at it to get caught. +4

Beverly rejects feminine fashion norms, but still grows up to be a fashion designer, because women contain multitudes! +6

Beverly is likely only accepted into a group of misfit teen boys because she doesn’t express anything that could be mistaken for traditional femininity. -5

Stephen King’s general disregard for women unless they’re scary or motherly. -7

(I haven’t read a lot of Stephen King and feminists should probably be better read. -10 for me)

In 2011 there were 5 abortion clinics in the entire state of Maine. -6

Henry and his group sexually harass Beverly. -14

Tim Curry seems generally cool. +9

We’re supposed to feel bad for Henry because he has an abusive father even though every other character’s parents are fucked up and they don’t go around using racial slurs and poisoning dogs. -10

Maine has never had a female Governor. -4

In the book Beverly apparently has sex with all the other boys to “calm them down” and “strengthen their friendship” which adds to my suspicion that Stephen King has never met a woman. -10

Pennywise the Clown’s garish makeup perpetuates the assumption that wearing makeup, a traditionally feminized act, is deceptive and inherently untrustworthy. -5

A good lesson in how men prey on your worst fears. +7

Beverly saves everyone. +10

The book is definitely heavy enough to use as a weapon against any male aggressors. +6

It’s eyebrows. +3


RESULTS: -6, officially not feminist.

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