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Charles Addams was distantly related to President John Adams, who laughed at his wife when she asked him to “remember the ladies” in politics. -7

However, he’s also related to Abigail Adams and good for fuckin’ Abigail Adams. +6

Addams’ second wife “combined Morticia-like looks with diabolical legal scheming.” +10 to her

Itt had a child named What, eschewing gendered naming conventions. +4

Itt speaks a high-pitched gibberish because Itt doesn’t need to impress you. +3

Male-identified (to our knowledge) and sported traditionally feminine long hair… +5

…Yet because of male privilege long, luxurious hair that requires difficult maintenance is seen as quirky and appealing on Itt (as evidenced by his ability to womanize) while women are seen as vain and frivolous. -10

The Addams Family tv series debuted in 1964, the same year LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act. +8

Itt is married, participating in a noted patriarchal institution. -5

The Addams’ family credo is “Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc,” vaguely latin for “we gladly feast on those who would subdue us,” which sounds like something we’d come up with. +6

Itt is short, and good for short men who can get it because conventional male beauty standards depict short men as undesirable, and clearly that is not the case for Itt. +5

The Addams Family (film) was released in 1991, the same year Bonnie Raitt released Luck of the Draw, a watershed moment in feminism for your girl. +5

Wait though, is it supposed to be a joke that Itt is short and ugly and can still attract women? Oh that won’t do. -4

And the assumption is that it’s funny too because women are typically shallow when it comes to men’s looks? -3

Signature Derby hat is too close to a fedora. -6


Results: +17, decidedly feminist.

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