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100-foot-tall humanoid creature made of stone that became animated through the mind transferral of an alien. Same. +5

Used to attack the Soviet government and the US Army, neither of which have been all that friendly to women, historically. +4

It! The Living Colossus debuted in Tales of Suspense #14 in 1961, the same year JFK established the President’s Commission on the Status of Women. +5

But other than that, things didn’t seem great for women at the time. -6

Was created by men. -5

One of those men was Jack Kirby, whose wife Roz inked comics and collaborated with him occasionally, which is pretty neat! +3

Identity: Variable” +7

But seems to veer toward the hypermasculine. Like, chill dude. -5

*Vaguely considers It!’s giant, stone dick* +2

I am unfortunately anticipating a lot of male pedants in the comments arguing about the particulars of It! -10




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