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Being a telepathic brain unattached to a body, IT clearly dispels with even the concept of gender. +6

However, IT chooses to speak through the Man With Red Eyes instead of a woman. -4

A Wrinkle In Time was published in 1963, the same year The Feminine Mystique came out. +10

There’s something vaguely clitoric about IT. +5

Manifestations of pure evil should generally not be associated with the feminist movement. -12

The thing that ultimately defeats IT is Meg’s ability to love, which is a nice twist, turning something so traditionally associated with the feminine, and thus weak, into a strength. +1

But also couldn’t Meg have defeated IT with her superior knowledge of quantum physics or something? -1

Murdering people for inefficiency on the planet you control doesn’t really seem intersectional. -7

Though that’s the ultimate question, isn’t it? Can equality come out of such profound differences, or would true equality mean everyone being controlled by the same sentient, sadistic brain-thing? +3

On one hand, free will and the ability to choose is the cornerstone of feminism. -5

On the other, is feminism even an issue on a planet where there is basically one being? +4

But if it really weren’t an issue, then why does it look like all the women on Camazotz are housewives while all the men are at work in the big scary building? -8


RESULTS: -8, officially not feminist

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