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This Purse Sand Is Crusting Under My Fingernails

I Thought There Was A Hair Tie In Here But As I Blindly Rummage Around My Nerveless Fingers Grab Only Air

That’s Not The Chapstick I Was Looking For This One Leaves A Whiteish Waxy Coating On My Lips But Any Port In A Storm


My wallet isn’t here

This Pen Has No Cap On It And I Have Stabbed The Underside Of My Finger And Now There Is Blood And Ink Under My Split Nail, Christ Damn It

If None Of These Are Coins What Is Jingling

It’s Just Heavy Enough That My Shoulder Is Going To Hurt All Afternoon, I Think

I Feel Like I’ve Missed Out On Displaying The Correct Class Signifier In This Situation And Picking Up My Purse Is Only Making Things Worse

Oh God The Phone That’s Making Noise Is In Fact Mine

Something Is Open And Melted In Here And I Don’t Know What It Is

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