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Sansa was 9 pounds 7 ounces on Dec. 3rd. Yesterday, she weighed 13 pounds, 8 ounces. She’s getting the job done.

How the climate change deal was Republican-proofed:

Under US insistence, the 31-page agreement was explicitly crafted to exclude emissions reductions targets and finance from the legally binding parts of the deal. Other areas of the deal, including five-year review cycles, do carry legal force. That would free Obama from having to submit the deal to Congress.

The other exclusion zone was any clause in the agreement that would expose the US to liability and compensation claims for causing climate change.

It was linked in the comments last week, but if you missed it, Patrick O’Sullivan’s narrative of his abusive childhood and how it DIDN’T make him better at hockey is really incredible and brave and gut-wrenching:

A few years later, his dream finally came true. I was selected in the second round of the 2003 NHL Draft. The NHL assigned me an entire security team for the day, but I knew it was useless. He made sure he was seated right where I could see him.

So when my name was called and I pulled on the Minnesota Wild sweater, I knew he was in the building watching, and it made me absolutely furious. Not because of all the pain I endured. But because I knew that he believed, in his heart, that all his abuse was validated. He thought he was the reason I made it to the NHL. The ends justified the means.

well i learned something today (the whole thing is actually really great):

They went to take a break at the Dew Drop Inn on LaSalle Street. Out of the studio, Little Richard immediately started hamming it up for the scattering of daytime drunks. “Boosters, rounders, pimps, whores was hanging around,” Blackwell said. “That’s all you gotta do is give Richard an audience.” He went to the piano and banged out a raunchy ode to sodomy that he used to play at the dodgier clubs on the circuit: “A wop bop a loo mop / A good goddamn / Tutti Frutti / Good booty / If it don’t fit / Don’t force it / You can grease it / Make it easy.”

And a good goddamn, thought Bumps Blackwell—now that is what I need to get on record. Blackwell brought in a local songwriter, Dorothy LaBostrie, to write some family-friendly lyrics. “Good booty” became “aw rutti,” and then there was a girl named Sue and a gal named Daisy.

Toronto Life‘s look at the ethics of crowdsourcing live organ donations is really good and balanced:

The Melnyk saga was unprecedented in Canada—and it made people angry. There are hundreds of people waiting for liver transplants, and Melnyk got his because he was able to exploit his fame. His critics accused him of gaming the system. And he isn’t the only one. The University Health Network handles more live liver transplants than any other institution in North America. Most of these are between family members or friends, but in recent years, doctors have witnessed several individuals in need of life-saving transplants launching public campaigns, forcing doctors to grapple with the ethics of organ donation in the social media age. Patients find themselves in a precarious situation—one where their ability to create a splash on Facebook could determine whether they live or die.

Nikki saw Hamilton, yo, and it CHANGED HER:

Oh, and we sat right behind someone who went to the same high school as Phillipa Soo! “She’s like a local legend, we’re all so proud of her!!” she gushed, and I just nodded vigorously like YES I WOULD THINK YOU WOULD BE. (The only cool person from my town is Ginger Rogers, and she wasn’t really from there, she just moved there later in life. And she was a Republican, which I don’t like to bring up because I love her, but it’s true.) I exhibited great congratulations-worthy restraint in not pouncing on the person from Philippa’s high school and demanding to know all — I still feel that little twinge of regret, you know, because what if I had, and then she had introduced me to Pippa after the show, and then we had become really great friends? (Which I hear happens all the time when you speak to someone for thirty seconds after performing in a three-hour-long musical.)

now this hepped up bitch thinks she’s Queen of The Internet

I have to say, I have never really enjoyed Leonardo DiCaprio, but I am pretty excited to watch a brutally realistic bear mauling in a movie, because I am a bit of a bear mauling enthusiast.

In other pop culture news, Chris Hemsworth was very handsome and charming on SNL again.

Just because Sansa is here doesn’t mean I love Carmella any less:


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