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Okay, somebody better frickin’ explain themselves as to why it took me until the year of our lord two thousand and sixteen to find out that in 1999 NSYNC covered the seminal faux-hit “That Thing You Do” from the 1996 movie of the same name. SEVENTEEN YEARS, PEOPLE. Seventeen years I could have been considering those velvet pants and jacket combos. Seventeen years I could have remembered JC’s weird flailing arm moves. Seventeen years for Kirkpatrick’s hair!!! I’m extremely disappointed in all of you.

Additional thoughts and questions about this performance of That Thing You Do:

  1. I was that annoying kid who was like “WELL DID YOU KNOW the song ‘That Thing You Do’ was written by the main songwriter in Fountains of Wayne?” as if anyone gave a shit about either of those things.
  2. Until I was maybe 15 I thought Del Paxton was a real jazz musician.
  3. I stan for Steve Zahn and I truly believe it is the finest utilization of Steve Zahn I have ever seen.
  4. Omg how cute was Liv Tyler?
  5. Why is Justin Timberlake playing bass and not doing anything else?
  6. The video says this was for a Pay Per View special, which, what?
  7. Again, velvet pants.
  8. I never knew it was my dream to reunite NSYNC for the sole purpose of seeing them do a dance routine to the Captain Geech & The Shrimp Shack Shooters song.
  9. Is That Thing You Do a genuinely perfect film y/y?

I apologize if you are unfamiliar or disinterested in That Thing You Do.

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