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So many of us are content to just sleepwalk through life without giving it another thought. I was like that. I was unhappy and confused and didn’t know why. But now, I’ve embraced the beauty that comes with living fully. Living the whole way. You know, being alive all the time, 24/7, no breaks.

Being full of life takes work. It gets tiring. And according to the government, it’s selfish. Once they built the grid to run on the kinetic energy created by human organs, we were all expected to inject ourselves into DeathSleep for hours or even days at a time, giving over our precious lifeforce so our overlords had the ability to conduct their intergalactic business. But escaping from the Death Tanks and taking up pilates has been worth it. I’ve resolved to spend 2086 getting rid of the toxic habits in my life, which absolutely includes spending time every day legally dead. 2086 is about exploring all life has to offer!

Lord Mirgoz asks us to pledge utter devotion to Mindcell that powers the planet, but excuse me if I want to spend some more time on self care. Living fully is what helps me take care of me. Being awake, pursuing my own interests, taking time to relax in a hot bath with a nice glass of wine every now and then, and not allowing my blood to be harvested to fuel the mutant army. I’m ready to be kind to myself. I am not just a citizen united against the intergalactic invaders. I am enough!

Sometimes we just need check in with ourselves and get some “me” time. Even if it means abandoning my watchpost at the west wall for a few hours just to curl up with a good book and some strong tea, so be it. After all, I’m not much use keeping a lookout for Them if I’m not fully rested and recharged.

Honestly, life has just been so much better since I started living fully. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. Sometimes you just have to say “screw ensuring what remains of humanity stays intact. I’m living for me!” Ooh, and I’m also teaching myself how to crochet.

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