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  • Disappointed hopes
  • Navy fever
  • Northern air
  • This last winter was too hard for young Master Jamesington
  • Unanswered letters
  • Insufficient dueling
  • He never will see the sea now, more’s the pity, Miss Georgiana
  • Strange desires
  • Bad companions
  • Visited a sunny, majority-Catholic country and stayed longer than three weeks
  • Clenching his fists in manly vexation
  • His great heart burst
  • He never was the same after that girl, if you’ll pardon my saying so, missus
  • Frustrated nighttime moor-walking
  • ‘Twas the mines
  • Cuckoldry-induced lung troubles
  • His best friend held the knife!
  • Unspecified moral turpitude
  • Things never were like they ought to have been round here ever since he came back from the War so changed, mum
  • Never went to Eton but tried to be friends with men who went to Eton
  • His secrets, what only the boy he brought back with him from Cairo knew the likes of
  • The pitiless Sea!
  • Jumped off a waterfall
  • Wanting something too much until he caught a fever
  • Sternness
  • What have I done?
  • Not talking about his feelings
  • Too sensitive to class differences, also a bookcase fell on him
  • The sight of how much it still pained her even after all this years
  • Fell off a horse for reasons of overweening pride
  • Unable to forgive
  • Chaste homoeroticism for a schoolfellow who died in the trenches
  • That surprise in the corridor
  • Patriotism
  • He always said he never would survive her and ’twas only yesterday she returned his ring to him, I never saw the like of his face when he saw it
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