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  • Whatever song is playing in the background
  • If it’s warm out
  • Whether or not I felt something yesterday
  • Just reflecting whatever feeling the person sitting close to me appears to be having
  • Being late for something
  • Wearing too many layers in an overheated room
  • Whatever’s on TV
  • A smell I can’t place but reminds me of something
  • Having a lot of emails
  • Someone else is honking their car horn, probably not at me, but I can still hear it
  • Wearing sunglasses
  • Four hours’ worth of time having elapsed since taking ecstasy
  • Being in a crowded room
  • My room is messy
  • Being in an empty room
  • Bra being on for too long
  • Spent too much time online
  • I left something in the fridge hoping that somebody else would eat it but I never asked them to and they probably assumed I was saving it
  • Ran out of aspirin
  • Re-watch an episode of TV that I last watched while I was having a feeling
  • How much someone else wants me to have a feeling
  • Being taller than someone else
  • That’s it, there are no other feelings
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