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Hi guys. That’s a very pretty dogwood tree in my neighborhood that just burst into bloom this week. Perhaps you prefer the pink dogwood trees. Perhaps you are wrong.

(I promise not to go on and ON about it, but I’ve started running again, most reluctantly, and am quite sure I’d get more out of these runs if I didn’t stop all the time in order to document flowers and trees as though I’d never seen such things before. But I am just so happy that it’s finally spring! It’s been, like, a whole WEEK since we got snow!! JOY, RAPTURE, etc.)

So, You’re Thinking About Seeing a Play — Abbey Fenbert broke Theater Internet yesterday.

Things I Have Mistaken for Friendship Over the Years:

  • Both unemployed at the same time
  • Both hate our jobs at the same time
  • Both equally bad at responding to texts

Femslash Friday returned with The Fall!

Historian Daphna Oren-Magidor on infertility in the early modern period, how it was treated, and its impact on women.

Katrina Otuonye on the many times she has been stopped by police for doing nothing wrong:

I’ve been telling these stories a lot lately — a series of slights that make up the fissures and bonds in a person’s character. I tell the stories so other people have a better idea of where I’m coming from; so they have a response when white voices chorus, “I don’t get it” or “What’s the big deal” or “Why is everyone so angry?” I also tell the stories for myself, to make better sense of them, to contemplate the world around me and how my life has changed. But I don’t want to constantly think of the worst-case scenario, and I don’t want to always have these stories. The responsibility of taking ownership of them is crushing me.

Jaya and Matt yelled about Fear:

Matt: This movie is bananas
Jaya: This movie is what happens when movie execs are like “Okay it’s the 90s so kids like Seattle, and crack, and that’s it we don’t need any more info”
Matt: “what are the gangs doing”

Keah Brown on how people with disabilities are (mis)represented, and the danger of so-called “inspiration porn”:

These videos feed the dangerous and dehumanizing expectation that all people with disabilities should strive to achieve behavioral “inspiration” — by adapting to the world; i.e., driving cars or cooking with our feet, doing our hair with the use of one arm. We are seen as extraordinary for these very things when they are really just daily acts of living for many disabled people. These behavioral “inspirations” also lend themselves to the idea that those who have not adapted in the same way are somehow less deserving of support or praise.

Alex Nursall’s look back at terrible beauty product ingredients is equal parts FASCINATING and HORRIFYING.

Robin Posey was feeling burned-out as a chef, so she took to the sea. A lesson for all of us.

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