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This Classic Toast post originally ran on April 22, 2015.

“With so many brothers and sisters, a piglet can be pushed out into the cold. This is dangerous for a piglet. Luckily, farmer Richard Johnson has a pig bath.”

And here you are – the piglet which is also yourself – and you’re cold, and you’ve been pushed away from what is naturally yours, what is your birthright, and you cannot get to what you want, and here you are in the cold screaming and screaming and yet it does you not the least bit of good, and here you are in danger, and here you are cold, and here you are helpless. And here is farmer Richard Johnson, the most English-farmer-looking of all English farmers, with your pig bath, and you resist what’s good for you.

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“Once in the tub, a cold piggy soon becomes a warm piggy.” And here you are, quiet and warm and drifting, not needing anything.

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