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Why is this not already a band name? Start this band!

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Mysterious ring-shaped structures fashioned about 176,000 years ago by Neanderthals using broken stalagmites deep inside a cave in southwestern France indicate that our closest extinct relatives were more adept than previously known…”They moved more than two tons of broken stalagmites,” said paleoclimatologist Dominique Genty of France’s Climate and Environment Sciences Laboratory.

The purpose of these structures built, as University of Bordeaux professor of prehistory Jacques Jaubert put it, in the “underworld” remains an enigma. Jaubert said the site probably was not a place to live or cook, so far from daylight.”

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They’re re-releasing The Fast and the Furious in theaters next month!

Fast & Furious producer on the first film: ‘We were the little movie nobody really cared about’
15 years later, producer Neal Moritz recalls the beginning of the franchise.

In early October 2014, Nick Jonas — out of the shadows of his boy-band past as one-third of the Jonas Brothers — went full Marky Mark: sending his jeans down to his ankles, his shirt up over his head into the stratosphere and his hand directly onto his dick. On the cover of Flaunt magazine, Jonas posed in homage to the iconic Calvin Klein ads featuring Wahlberg, whose allure in the photos was so intoxicating and aesthetically eye-popping that it set a new standard for masculinity in the 1990s. Jonas, barely old enough to buy a beer when his Flaunt spread put fissures in the internet, was invoking sexuality profound enough to melt down a purity ring.

But Jonas’ pronounced junk and rigid abs were not just a physical show-off, but a fine-tuned PR move. Nearly everything the R&B-dipped, media-proclaimed sex machine has done since then has been a meticulous, high-profile effort to strip (quite literally!) his image of anything adolescent and usher him into the next strata of pop stardom: adulthood, where careers for the rare former boy band member are carefully curated to have lasting power.

Jonas’ tight control of his narrative over the past two years has led to the most notable post-boy-band success story since Justin Timberlake. From provocative photo shoots and surgically produced singles to cherry-picked acting roles and minor scandals (which have done more good than bad), the 23-year-old has mastered the art of image, wielding his masculinity as a way to convince fans and media that he is now an adult, and it’s time to take him seriously.”


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