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Illustration by John Leavitt

I GET TO SEE NICOLE TODAY. I am beside myself with excitement, and do not see how I’ll be able to bear our parting.

Reply permanently failed because recipient liked the idea of having gone to a party, but not the idea of going.”


Iona Sharma wrote one of the best essays we have ever published this week; don’t miss her on relearning Hindi, studying Gaelic on Skye, and the political as well as personal act of attempting to master a colonized language:

Here’s how the story is supposed to end. That because I went in search of another colonised language, my own comes easier to me; that what was lost can be found.

But that’s not how it goes. Gaelic will never have monolingual speakers again. My native language is gone forever. Relearning it is possible; decolonisation of the mind is possible. But I have been changed, first by the forgetting and the relearning. What is left is post-glacial, a landscape irrevocably altered.

I greatly enjoyed Mallory’s Convert Series chat with Rebecca Burley:

My favorite thing about Quakerism is that it is a place for doubt, but it’s not a sorrowful doubt: it’s a joyful doubt. When I was a Christian, it was ingrained in me that the answer to every question is in the Bible. It was okay to have doubts and ask questions, just so long as you got your answers from the Bible and took them as the final word. With Quakerism, it’s perfectly okay if you questions are never answered, if your doubts are never assuaged. Maybe every god is out there, maybe no god is out there, but either way, we have each other, we have this community, and we can work together to be the source of strength and stability we each need.

Every Modernist Novel Ever

At The Toast we all know the truth of Ronbledore, and soon the whole world will know.

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