ByShafiqah Hudson

Shafiqah Hudson is a non-profit fundraising professional by trade, a writer by design, and a Pottermore addict by accident. When she isn't devouring a book, preparing ridiculously elegant food, you can find her at the beck and call of her temperamental cat. She lives in Philly.

  1. When it rains, it fucking pours, don’t it? This was the first coherent thought I remember having immediately after learning that, due to the presence of three (three?! SHIT!) overlapping reproductive health conditions, I would probably never be able to conceive a child in any normal or natural way. In fact, according to what I knew of statistics, my odds of having a baby naturally were only slightly better than my chances of winning the…

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    Like everyone and their mother, I watch Scandal with a devotion that borders on obsession (and frequently casually crosses that border.) I love everything about the show: the writing, the dialogue, and the endless, thrilling twists and intrigue that I sincerely hope resembles nothing that has ever gone on in Washington, ever. The whole cast is fantastic, especially the star, the

  3. The story of how my family acquired Old World recipes for Ashkenazi cuisine is a rape story – but it takes a bit of digging to figure that out. They don’t talk about it. The ones who are left alive to tell it, anyway, the old ones. And we, the young ones, learned long ago to stop asking. The pursing and hardening of lips that were wide open with laughter only moments before, the sudden…