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  1. Al Davison is a man with something to prove.

    Born in 1960 with spina bifida, a condition which paralysed him from the waist down, the medical establishment didn't expect much of for him. "First 'they' said I wouldn't live...then they said I shouldn't live. My parents disagreed," Davison writes in his 1988 graphic novel memoir, The Spiral Cage. And live he did, though he spent most of his first three years in

  2. Wolverine is semiconscious on the operating table, strapped down, surrounded by scary medical machinery that hums and bleeps. X-rays hang on their light boxes, showing his abnormal physique. Doctors in white coats stand around him, debating, poking and prodding at their captive laboratory specimen. Soon, he knows he will be submerged in the adamantium feed tank, tubes plunged into every vein and orifice as the doctors hunt for all his body's secrets, and rebuild