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  1. Here is a complete list of the books I was forbidden to read as a child, please add your own in the comments below:

    Flowers in the Attic, V.C. Andrews, age twelve

  2. Previous installments of This Week in Reading can be found here. Most recently: My Favourite Cookbooks: Part One. The weirdly long ones that jut out past the edge of your shelf, but if you flip them over and stack other books on top of them, you won't have room to put any books next to them anyway. Books about the life of the author's dog or cat which culminate in the death of…

  3. Spring has sprung. Summer has lingered. Fall is falling. And winter is coming.

    It’s back-to-school time for all of the little children (and many of the grown-ups like me, who have traded in reading the things we like to read for the things that we have to read). Fall also heralds in the back-to-school bigots who are interested in banning all the good books, and using all manner of explanations to

  4. When Rainbow Rowell's first YA novel Eleanor & Park came out this spring, people loved it. After John Green gave it a glowing (shimmering, really. Incandescent, even) review in the New York Times, even more people loved it. It was an Amazon Best Book of the Month, a New York Times bestseller, and it inspired a shocking amount of beautifully rendered fan art. I loved it, my mother loved it, my pregnant coworker loved it, my friend…