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  1. Hellooooo athletes!

    Yes, you. You are an athlete. Some of you already have one or more athletic endeavors that you enjoy. Others of you may just have not found (or chosen) your activity yet. Some of you just have a body. So many of us are told that we aren’t athletic, and that we can’t be athletic. Society, friends, authority figures, media - there are lots of people and institutions that

  2. Previous installments of "Feel the Burn" can be found here. I told you I was coming for you next, newbies. And here I am. With homework. Did you ever read A Girl of the Limberlost? There's a passage in which our heroine's awful mother, who turns out to not really be awful, just bitter and damaged, finally takes her gross hair to a hairdresser for the first time ever (she was VERY bitter)…