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  1. Grace Bello recently interviewed Melissa Gira Grant for The Toast. This post was brought to you by an anonymous victim of misandry.


    The late cultural critic Ellen Willis was best known as the first pop music critic for The New Yorker. But in her forty-year career as a cultural critic, she covered a wide range of subject matter including feminism, countercultural politics, religion, family, and freedom for publications…

  2. "Whore is maybe the original intersectional insult," writes journalist and former sex worker Melissa Gira Grant. In her new book Playing the Whore, part of a series by Jacobin writers published by Verso Press, she explores the sex industry from the perspective of the workers themselves. That includes strippers, porn performers, and prostitutes, whether they work on the street, in clubs, or even at home as independent porn performers. What she found was unnerving:…