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  1. Welcome to “Read This With That,” the new feature that pairs old and new, complementary pieces from the Internet like so much fine cheese and wine. In today’s installment: Taffy and Sugar. Body acceptance: It’s not just for Virgie Tovar and Kate Harding anymore.

    In a culture where America Ferrera is “Ugly Betty”, Rebel Wilson is “Fat Amy,” and Jennifer Hudson’s next big role after winning an Oscar is poster girl for

  2. Some chick says, ‘Thank you for saying all the things I never do.’ I say, you know, the thanks I get is to take all the shit for you. -Ani DiFranco, “Face Up and Sing” The only time a fan ever recognized me, I was shitfaced in a Minneapolis gay bar on New Year's Eve, and absolutely desperate to pee. An extremely tall, hefty woman in a shiny silver dress stood ahead of me in…