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  1. In my life I have only been unerringly good at one thing, and that was English MACC. “MACC” stood for “Mountain Academic Competition Conference,” and “English” designated the subject matter of which I – a four-time MACC champion – was master. “It was like Quiz Bowl,” is what I’ve mumbled, wanting to change the subject, on the few occasions I’ve tried to explain MACC in my adult life. But that’s not true. It

  2. *”A Dialogue” sounds really official like we sat across from each other in our best finery while sipping from mugs of coffee inscribed with our logo but really it was a gchat conversation. It has been lightly edited for clarity. Ezekiel Kweku (Shrill): Hi, Priya. Priya Alika Elias (Wordy): Hi! S: Against my better judgment, and because I wanted to understand nerds better, I revisited an ancient and seminal nerd text: the 1984 teen comedy…

  3. In the course of my life, I have ponied up at least $3000 on the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. Possibly much more--the room I grew up in has thousands upon thousands upon thousands of cards, neatly and recently sorted into white boxes designed for the express purpose of card housing. But my financial stake is relatively mild, at least by the standards of serious Magic players (no one calls it by its full name,…