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  1. Previous installments of Feel the Burn can be found here. "Working Out in Your First Trimester" is here. Ah, the magical oasis of your second trimester. FOR SOME, right? If you've already been told to elevate your legs above your head and are on full pelvic rest and feel like garbage, please close this tab immediately and do whatever it is you're doing to keep your sanity. If, however, you're having a pretty…

  2. Previous installments of "Feel the Burn" can be found here. I don't care, do what you want.



    No? Okay, let's talk about this. You can definitely work out during your first trimester, provided: 1. You have had a conversation about it with your VERY OWN qualified medical professional, be that an ob-gyn, a midwife, or the babbling brook you plan to immerse your junk in to give birth. 2.

  3. I do Bad Mommy science. Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. I am a doctoral student in epidemiology and biostatistics, and my particular area of research is in reproductive and perinatal pharmacoepidemiology. This means that I study medication use in pregnancy and its possible effects on both the mother and her children. I’m especially interested in medications that affect the central nervous system, like psychiatric meds and some pain medications, and their possible effects on…

  4. Mild to moderate telekinesis

    Occasional skin leakage

    Shadow loss

    Pearls or roses falling from mouth during speech

    Reverse fingernails

    Occasional resistance to thermodynamics

    Breasts disappear

    Precognition (for restaurant lunch specials only)

    Total memory loss

    Lung fossilization

    Sudden-Onset Unexplained Eye Syndrome

    Partial memory loss

    Sound allergy

    Total memory awareness

  5. Previous installments in this series can be found here. Dear Dreamers, I am writing this from on board the Ethan Allen Express train to Albany. Yes, I will spending a few luxuriant summer days in the Berkshires at a very special dream seminar I just made up in my head. There, I will be drinking lots of wine and gossiping with friends, because wine and dreams and friends go together like peas and carrots and…