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  1. “The Devil’s Mark”

    Claire and Geillis are tossed into a deep, dank, dark place called a Thieves Hole and locked in. The women instantly begin accusing one another of terrible things but it’s understandable; their circumstances are dire. Geillis admits she murdered Arthur so she could be with her One Twu Luv. A guard throws down some bread that looks very suspect and Claire tries to pull a “Do you know who I am?” The

  2. S1 E9: The Reckoning

    It has been far too long since we were last in the Scottish highlands with brawny, kilt wearing men but at long last the wait is over. If you want to know how long you have to wait in this episode before sex happens, that is about fifty-one minutes, aka TOO LONG.

    As the episode opens, Jamie is waxing poetically about choices and so on, but since sex or his bare