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  1. Back in D.C. after fourteen years, I felt bracketed on one end by the visceral memory of the first time I felt, with the fullest force, how much motherhood could compel me to behave in ways unforeseen and uninvited by my previous self, and on the other by a decade-and-a-half of living with and for two humans I had created inside me.

  2. Like many Jewish grandmothers, my grandmother's measure of success for her granddaughters is babies. (For her grandsons, it’s a medical degree and babies.) This is nothing new. But for Grandma Eva, a great-grandbaby holds special significance. She reminds me of this fact often, in ways she thinks are subtle, discreet. That’s great that you got into graduate school/are moving to New York/landed a teaching gig, but what about boys? Work isn’t everything, you know. Her…

  3. There's true history in this family history – the kind that can be documented by ships' manifests and fascists under oath at their own trials – but there is also family history, the kind where cousins and in-laws insist the other one is wrong, misremembering, incorrigible. Wry old men snort and amused old ladies "tch!" So we understand each other going on. Heinrich Weiss, my great-grandfather, was a brilliant jeweler, but was by all reports…