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  1. Top keywords for this week’s Buttered offerings: ‘Artisanal,’ ’Rich and creamy,’ ‘Hand-churned by our sleek, muscle-bound writers.’

  2. RION AMILCAR SCOTT (@ReeAmilcarScott on Twitter) has contributed to PANK, Fiction International, The Rumpus, and Confrontation, among others. He earned an MFA at George Mason University and presently teaches English at Bowie State University. That’s just some facts. Scott has many bios (he’s even made a story of his many bios). But bios are just stories. Scott lives in and writes about Cross River, Maryland, which is entirely Scott’s. You can read about the history…

  3. “Writing, to me, is an act of anti-erasure. It reaches for the unsayable. Anti-erasure is when the silenced or marginalized object speaks. When it asks a reader to listen to what it has to say. And what it says is the evidence.” --NPM Daily “I write about my experiences because I’m uneasy with the silence. I’m uneasy with the abject and unfathomable horror surrounding the topic—as if sexual molestation is not something that happens…