The Concise Roald Dahl

dahlJames and the Giant Peach - An abused child murders his family, then flees the country.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - A small boy becomes the owner of a multinational food and beverage conglomerate after witnessing the deaths of several children.

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Three sustainable-scale farmers are driven out of business.

Danny, the Champion of the World – A young man becomes class-conscious and participates in property destruction.

The Twits - A playful married couple with similar senses of humor die on the same day.

George’s Marvellous Medicine – A child becomes the sole caretaker for his verbally abusive grandmother. He poisons her.

The BFG - A deformed, flatulant stranger who controls the dreams of children enlists a little girl in his one-man war against a group of racist cannibals.

The Witches – A young boy is trapped forever inside the body of the mouse and is delighted to discover he will not outlive his grandmother.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator - Charlie hires his elderly relatives as high-level executives in his new factory, rather than qualified applicants.

The Enormous Crocodile - A group of children watch an animal die.

Matilda - A violent and abusive school principal is allowed to quietly retire, without facing legal action for any of her crimes.

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