Suffragettes Who Sucked: White Supremacy And Women’s Rights

Suffragette: Susan B. Anthony, 1820-1906 (Social reformer, member of the Anti-Slavery Society, president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association)
Hooray: “I think the girl who is able to earn her own living and pay her own way should be as happy as anybody on earth. The sense of independence and security is very sweet.”
Wait, What: “Mr. Douglass talks about the wrongs of the Negro; but with all the outrages that he to-day suffers, he would not exchange his sex and take the place of Elizabeth Cady Stanton.”

Suffragette: Anna Howard Shaw, 1847-1919 (Physician, Methodist minister, president of the National Woman Suffrage Association, inspiration for an episode of 30 Rock)
Hooray: “Around me I saw women overworked and underpaid, doing men’s work at half men’s wages, not because their work was inferior, but because they were women.”
Wait, What: “You have put the ballot in the hands of your black men, thus making them political superiors of white women. Never before in the history of the world have men made former slaves the political masters of their former mistresses!”

Suffragette: Belle Kearney, 1863-1939 (Orator, novelist, Mississippi state senator)
Hooray: “Equal pay for equal work.”
Wait, What: “The enfranchisement of women would insure immediate and durable white supremacy, honestly attained, for upon unquestioned authority it is stated that in every southern State but one there are more educated women than all the illiterate voters, white and black, native and foreign, combined. As you probably know, of all the women in the South who can read and write, ten out of every eleven are white. When it comes to the proportion of property between the races, that of the white outweighs that of the black immeasurably.”

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Link Roundup!

Matt Lubchansky is going to be spared.


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RIP, Adrianne Wadewitz:

“It is a huge loss for Wikipedia,” said Sue Gardner, the executive director of the foundation in San Francisco that runs Wikipedia, who has made a priority of getting more women to edit it. “She may have been our single biggest contributor on these topics — female authors, women’s history.”

Ms. Wadewitz defied many of the stereotypes of a Wikipedia editor — young, male, tech-obsessed. But she was typical of Wikipedia editors in “being persnickety, fact-obsessed, citation-obsessed,” Ms. Gardner said.


Do you guys watch Kroll Show? I literally lose the ability to breathe when he does his Degrassi parody, Wheels Ontario.


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Toast Points: The Week of April 18th, 2014

What did I really like this week?

1. History’s smuggest brides. “BITCH, I GOT MINE.”

2. Emily V. Gordon on what she’s learned about relationships from her time as a therapist.

3. Mallory’s AMAZING guide to pre-Code movies:

Baby Face, 1933 – This is very much the kind of movie that comes to mind when one thinks of the classic pre-Code film. It’s just sex from start to finish. Barbara Stanwyck sleeps with everybody, and also murders at least one guy, and ends up marrying a bank president, because there are no consequences when you’re hot as shit.

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A Look at Australia’s Coming Climate Change Dystopia

Stephanie Lai last wrote for The Toast about the pitfalls of voluntourism.

The majority of Australia has just suffered through an unprecedented heatwave; at the same time, North America experienced a Polar Vortex. These extreme weather events are no coincidence: I’m here to explain to you Our Oncoming Dystopic Future!

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 1.31.56 PM

This is not an argument about whether climate change exists, or been caused by humans. This is an explanation of how it may proceed and its impact on Australia using projections from the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), a leading scientific research organisation; hopefully explaining this will help you apply your country’s data to your own country situation. Or if you’re Australian, you can start preparing.

The CSIRO revises its projections every few years; I’m using the 2007 figures, for 2030 and 2070. Projections suggest that the majority of Australia may warm between 0.4 to 2.0C by 2030 and up to 6C by 2070; annual rainfall will decrease in the south and east; more frequent extreme rainfall events; inland and eastern coastal areas may experience wetter summers. Tasmania and some coastal areas may see slightly less warming than inland; the range of warming will be greatest in spring and least in winter. Patterns of rain change will see reduced stream flow across the country, and evaporation will increase.

(It starts off science-y and is generally pretty serious about climate change, but trust me, you’ll want to stick around for the increase in drop bears.)

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Sailing The QE2

1. “When you get to Copenhagen, don’t give your grandfather a hard time,” my mother says at the airport. We’re to board the QE2 in Copenhagen and sail with my grandparents for two weeks. I’m 17. My grandmother, who has owned her own travel agency since the 1960s, specializes in group travel. She’s got groups of 15-50 wherever she goes and if she’s sells enough rooms on the QE2, they throw her an extra one for free. Like this time. She’s the kind of woman who is one the phone pitching trips while making beef barley soup and setting the table while my grandfather smokes his Winston’s. Her job never stops and I suppose she doesn’t want it to.

On the plane, my younger brother and much younger cousin hold a farting contest while my grandfather sits in first class where you can smoke cigarettes freely. I consider lighting up in the back of the plane, but the boys would tell on me and there’s no satisfaction in that. I slide the lock on the airplane bathroom door. A sign reads: “This lavatory is equipped with a smoke alarm.” I light my cigarette and exhale smoke in the toilet thinking it will escape out the back of the plane, wishing I could do the same.

2. “We’re not going to an amusement park,” my grandfather says after the lady at the hotel suggests Tivoli Gardens. My grandfather shuffles us in a cab. We’re going to a race track. I’ve never been to the track with my grandfather before because he says I talk too much. There are rules with him: you don’t talk while fishing, you don’t ask questions about splitting cards while playing blackjack and you don’t ask if he won at the track. “If he wins he has to share with Nana,” my brother explains. We drive through miles of dense evergreens, sleeping through most of it. We get to the track and it’s closed. My grandfather curses a few times outside the car, lights a Winston and tells the driver to take us to Tivoli. No one cheers.

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Femslash Friday: The Facts of Life

Previously in this series: The Women-Loving-Women of Hollywood’s Golden Age

“Wonderful girl! Either I’m gonna kill her, or I’m beginning to like her!” – Han Solo on Princess Leia Organa

“Well, ex-cuse me, princess!” – Link on Zelda in 1989′s The Legend of Zelda

“I swear I have never met anyone who irritates me so much… other than you.” – Blair Warner on roommate Jo Polniaczek

“I watched The Facts of Life fairly often; I bet I remember pretty accurately how sexually charged the interactions between Jo Polniaczek and Blair Warner were.” – You, right now

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Cocktail Hour: Open Thread

Guys, I reorganized my whole house and threw out a bunch of broken stuff that had been taking up space, and rotated the books I leave for guests, and returned some things, and it feels EXTRAORDINARY.

What are you praising yourself for today? Also, I need more GIFs, please put your current favourites in the comments.

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The Future of Wes Anderson is Tom Wolfe

Click for evidence.

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