1. A few months ago I wrote a couple of knockoff letters from Union General and Certifiably The Worst Ever Guy George McClellan, who spent the entire Civil War complaining about his oyster and champagne supplies and professionally not attacking the Confederate line.

    This week, I heard from a group of Civil War enthusiasts who performed a dramatic reading of the letters set to "Ashokan Farewell."

  2. I just genuinely think if you haven't seen "Bustin" it's time you saw it.

  3. I hardly know where to begin with this, my thoughts are so scattered and unfocused, and because this is Exactly What It Says On The Tin. Ayn Rand once had a breakup that went so badly she cursed the guy's penis for the rest of his life and he moved to Los Angeles to escape the Curse of Ayn Rand, only it didn't work because once Ayn Rand has it out for your genitals. you're already…

  4. If Evan Peters were your boyfriend, you guys would spend the summer outside Florence, at the Villa Medicea di Cafaggiolo. Every day you would explore the Uffizi and come back at night to hold a seance for the ghost of Eleonora di Garzia di Toledo, strangled to death with a dog leash by her jealous husband.

  5. "I am the noblest lady of this court, second only to the Queen. Yet I am the saddest of mortals in France."

  6. Sansa is my best friend and my co-pilot.

  7. 1. love brains
    2. often found in large gatherings in the woods

  8. "Heterosexuality? Never heard of it."

  9. I'm not normally a minimalist enthusiast, but I am all about watching this three-minute video of a small aroma diffuser at work. Yeah, it's just – the full three minutes are just quiet aroma diffusing. And the music kind of sounds like the song that's playing in the Chamber of Sages in Ocarina of Time, which I am extremely for.

  10. Aries: Sometimes you can feel the world spinning underneath you and sometimes you can’t, but either way, it’s always in motion. This month is about learning new ways to keep moving forward when the earth starts to shift.

  11. "squar squar squar squar squarl"


    "sclef sclef sclef cakkhah"


  12. My bestie got to meet Sansa this weekend. It was very convivial.

  13. The men and women who queued up to see Downton were expected to be envious and larcenous. Instead, they were serious-minded and inquisitive. In a series of quick vignettes, we see Cora, Edith, and Mary all stumped by basic questions about art, architecture, and history. Only Molesley, standing in the background, seems to know who painted the paintings, but he is silenced by his position in the hierarchy.

  14. Because, let's be honest, while I am totally into Stevie Nicks and candles and The Craft and whatever, it is enormously safe for me to do so, and I prioritize my physical safety and comfort over absolutely everything, and if there was even a chance that someday I could face social or legal repercussions for my vague, shallow interest in "witch shit," I would throw Stevie Nicks in a river.

  15. My thoughts: Man, Dionne is dense, Tai is obviously asking for pot. But I also don’t get why Tai is so excited about soda.