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I saw —
Today —
a Cricket Man,

he did not stop to Chat —
is that it
did anything else happen
No —

let’s go out tonight okay
we don’t have to do anything big but I think we should go out
just for dinner or something
I think that would be a good idea
Go out, Again?-
I went Out to Mount Holyoke

for college
you went there for college thirteen years ago
And now I must rest.

have you seen —
my Shawl

which shawl
the White shawl
I thought you were wearing your white shawl
a person can have more than one white Shawl
a person cannot be content with but one white Shawl
i think i saw it downstairs
just on the couch
You know I do not go downed Stairs
I will knit a new one
that’s ridiculous
when I die
I wish to be buried in that Shawl
I wish to be buried — in ten Thousand Shawls —

you’re not dying
you’re just afraid of the stairs
No Coward Soul Is Mine
I fear no Step’d Floor
do you want me to just bring it to you
if you are already going to be coming Upstairs
will you also grab my slippers by the Door

and also —
some — Tea
also there are four more Shawls on the stairs
bring those too

A narrow Fellow in the Grass
Occasionally rides –-
do you mean Harris?
the caretaker?
You may have met Him –-
That’s Harris
did you not
His notice sudden is -–
have you been hiding in the yard again?
he is snakes
He is not snakes
he is definitely Snakes
you know it scares the maids when you hide in the yard
A Burdock – clawed my Gown
A Bird came down the Walk
A Rat Surrendered here
Emily none of this is true
Fame is a Bee
I can see you from the window
nothing’s clawing at you or surrendering
a soft Sea is washing around the house
I haven’t told the Garden yet
Emily why don’t you come inside
A Toad can die of Light, you know
I know
why don’t you come inside
I’ll get your white shawl
which white Shawl
whichever one you want
I want the one in the library
will you come inside then?
Toads can die of light you know
I believe you
Kills them right up

Emily, dearest
will you please let me in?
I just want to air out your room
Air has no Residence
no Neighbor

Emily, it’s been an awfully long time since you came out
can I please come in?
not — Now —
When can I come in?
After a hundred years
will you give me a real amount of time, please?
After all Birds have been investigated and laid aside
do you have birds in there?
After the Sun comes out
answer the question
At Half past Three
how many birds are in there
A single Bird
this is why people don’t visit us
the bird thing
Back from the cordial Grave I dragged him
is the bird still alive, Emily?
do you know what the Best witchcraft is?
just tell me if the bird is still alive

I’m coming in

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