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The other night, I was wearing my favourite pair of underwear. They’re from 2009 and they have a Guinness logo on them and pink edging and I bought them in order to have a truly authentic souvenir of the time I went to Ireland for ten days with my mom’s parish (close tab). But, whatever, I really love them and have probably vaguely anthropomorphized them at this point. But if I don’t pack them, they may never see Los Angeles again!

And at first I thought, oh, maybe Toasties would like to chat a bit about their favourite underwear, but it seems unlikely that enough of you have really strong feelings about your underwear to make that interesting, so let’s pull this back: what’s the best outfit you ever had?

I don’t remember where I bought The Dress. I had it for a while, but didn’t really figure out how to make it work until my friend Emily looked at me and said lose the bra. I can’t! I said. I can’t lose the bra, that’s not for me, that’s for different people. But I did, and if I thought 100% about my posture while wearing it and wore those little nipple petal things, it actually worked, and it was sort of khaki-coloured and nipped in at the waist and had this soft leather belt that tied back and around itself.

And I think it was partially the mandatory no-bra posture that made it so transformative to wear. You had to be Joan Holloway in it. Did you know Christina Hendricks NEVER wears bras in stuff in her civilian life? She just makes designers do things for her with a lot of built-in buttressing? I saw it in Lucky, I think. I’ve never had a shelf bra do jack for me, but The Dress was different.

You had to enter the room like it was yours; like you, personally, had yanked it out of a stone, or it immediately slid off one shoulder and cried and poured egg salad on itself. I wore it to about six weddings in a row. I wore it while smoking pot after a wedding in another guest’s car and then wore it two seconds later when an ex-boyfriend’s parents ran into me and wanted to say hi and ask about what I was up to. Wearing great dresses and getting lit in cars at weddings, I dunno. But the dress allowed me to pull it together, is what I’m saying.

So, now that we’re here, what is the great outfit of your life? It can be from when you were six, that’s totally fine. I had a oversized white T-shirt with rainforest animals on it I wore 24/7. But what was it, and why?

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