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  1. "Did he lose it? Did he lose it? Right now?" Here is a video of a moose losing an antler. He shook his head, and off it came. (Do not watch it with the sound on. The jaunty music will fool you.)

  2. There is a home video, made when you were about nine. You watch your nine-year-old self lead your aunt (behind the camera) off into the house, blithely walking past your mother as she sits on the couch. Stop, you want to tell the girl onscreen. Reach out and touch her!

  3. Tasbeeh last wrote The Names They Gave Me, which is one of Nicole's favourite pieces.


    We don’t have much time to grieve before the guests come pouring in through our door. The news travels fast to all our kith and kin scattered across continents. Facebook statuses and tweets dispatched, emails sent to all appropriate community listservs. Instagram photos treated with a somber filter. Tiny digital memorials erected across the

  4. As I walked into the ballroom of the DoubleTree Hotel in Somerset, NJ, I thought to myself, Is this all there is? Surely this dimly lit room, with its tacky maroon-and-cream geometric-print carpeting and a paltry expanse of parquet flooring for a stage could not have been the competition sphere that my classmates had talked up for months. Surely these three disinterested-looking middle-aged men and women sitting in front of that parquet floor could not…

  5. Molly Minturn's previous work for The Toast can be found here.

    When I showed up for my interview at the magazine, I was perfectly on time. The chapel clock chimed as I put my hand on the doorknob. Before I could turn it, the door opened and I saw Kevin, the managing editor, for the first time. The way I’ve framed it sounds like something out of a romantic comedy, but

  6. The third-floor off-campus apartment where I'd failed to live had no buzzer, making it hard for my friend Laura to let her visitors in. That’s what I was, our junior year in college: a visitor. Not the roommate she’d asked me to be, not the one she called out to in the middle of the night when thick, sticky mucus caused by her cystic fibrosis--a genetic disorder she’d lived with her entire life--clogged her lungs…

  7. Feel free to ask Aunt Acid a variety of questions at at any time. Previous installments can be found here. My dear friend's sister just passed away, suddenly, in her early twenties. They have asked people to keep in touch, but I am wondering what to keep in touch with (i.e., pictures of cats, asking how they are doing, invitations to social stuff?). We are close but…

  8. i. On the last wedding anniversary my parents ever celebrated, my mother and father slept in a room that once housed King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. It was everything my mother had both expected and could not imagine: a bedchamber sequestered in a dark-stoned turret, up a spiral staircase and behind a thick wooden door. The room featured a four-poster bed with a gold-fringed canopy, a lion-clawed tub, and a window for every cardinal…

  9. When I was two my father committed suicide. This is why patriarchal religion was never going to work out, I once joked to my mother, because my family is incapable of telling the truth plainly.

  10. At the time of this writing, the Walt Disney Company does not control the weather in Orlando, Florida, but for some reason it is a surprise to arrive at Disney World's French Quarter resort under cover of darkness during a mild cloudburst, a little like catching your grandmother sleeping in church. We, that is my wife Pamela and I, accidentally arrive on Disney Gras, a chaste celebration that extends from Fat Tuesday all the way…

  11. The Toast's previous coverage of Benedict Cumberbatch, including Nicole's highly erotic fan fiction, can be found here.

    "Tear In Your Hand," Tori Amos

    "Send In the Clowns," Judy Collins

    "A Man / Me / Then Jim," Rilo Kiley

    "You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man," Loretta Lynn

  12. "I think I'll use the ice cream machine."

    "I can't think of what to do with [final ingredient], so I figure I'll just chop it up and throw it on top just before the end."

    "I believe that my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior will lead me to win."

    "I've never made this dish before, but..."

    "I still have about five minutes left, so I've decided to make a sauce."

  13. Previously in Dead Pet Chronicles: Aristotle the Turtle. “Are fish supposed to look like this?” My two roommates appeared by my side, our faces almost touching as we peered into the tank, so close our breath fogged the plastic. The three of us peered into the one-gallon tank on my dresser, full of neon pink rocks, a fake plant, a gray plastic castle, and a purple-maroon Betta, our beloved Wanda, the mascot of…

  14. I used to be a regular at the pet store on the second floor of my local mall, down by Sears. Whenever I had to go with my mom to run errands, at the end of our quest, I would drag her to the pet shop. I gaped at the squirmy puppies – all cartilage – and kittens no more than eyes and fluff, along with the usual sickly goldfish and colorful, preachy birds. What…

  15. Welcome to XZV Morning News. I'm your host, Kathy Carson. Our top story today involves a fire on Clark Street - the first fire in the area since Elena's father died. The fire decimated three buildings. Local residents say that the bar, Roadhouse 66, will be sorely missed. When asked for a comment, Elena said that she could remember fires in Chicago before her father died, and that she would discuss them with