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1. “omigod”: Used to signify either great love for something, shock at its existence, or as a polite way to respond to something for which one’s legitimate response might be impolitic.

2. “perffff”: Used to acknowledge that the arrangement proposed by the recipient is acceptable and they should proceed forward with said plan.

3. “kkkkkk”: Used to express that the sender now understands what the recipient has been attempting to explain.

4. “lol”: Used when forwarding things from people who are being dicks, but the sender thinks the point should nonetheless be examined.

5. “You have to, I can’t even”: Used to request that the recipient assist the sender in extracting the sender from an awkward or untenable situation.

6. “NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE”: Used to register extreme discomfort, frequently accompanied by a gif of an octopus skittering away.

7. “Okay, but only if I can leave early”: Used when the sender doesn’t want to go out, but has been asked to by someone the sender feels comfortable with.

8. “Okay”: Used to signify that the sender hates the recipient, or, more likely, is simultaneously chastened and irritated by what the recipient has just said.

9. “I guess?”: Used to signify that the sender in no way agrees with what the recipient is saying.

10. “RIGHT?”: Used to express delight that someone agrees with the sender’s mildly-controversial utterance about a thing most people like or dislike.

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