Official Toast Stances: Volume Two -The Toast

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If you do not like the things we approve of, we suggest you revisit your stance. You are still allowed to like and/or engage in the things we dis-approve of, you are just wrong. Previous installments can be found here. – Eds.

The Toast Approves of the Following Things:

1. Target.
2. Hiding multiple lip balms around your home.
3. Comfortable shoes.
4. Articles/books/zines/tattoos about lesbian separatism.
5. Getting things framed.

The Toast Disapproves of the Following Things:

1. “Jack and Diane,” John Cougar Mellencamp
2. Pronouncing “macarons” correctly
3. Referring to an action as “inviting negativity.”
4. Fingernails that extend more than a quarter-inch past your fingertips (we have no beef with nail art.)
5. Clutch purses.

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