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  1. "I try not to do anything that’s not paid anymore, because it’s really hard to justify your work when you’re doing things for free. People assume that what you do is very easy if you don’t ask for money."

  2. It's very simple, and it's this. I would pay, let's say, two-thirds the price of a movie ticket – maybe seven or eight dollars – to go to the movies and watch a solid hour and fifteen minutes of previews alone. (If you don't like previews, that's fine. You don't have to do it. I like them. This is my idea.)

  3. Some guy comes to your office and removes the vowels from all the signs.

  4. We were up for whatever. We were all up for whatever. That's the one thing I keep coming back to. What were we up for? Whatever. Were we up for it? We were. In the end, there is no one to blame. When you're up for everything, sooner or later, everything will happen. We were up, once. Are you up for whatever, they had asked us, and to the ones who said Yes they had…

  5. Email us questions at, subject line “businesslady.” Previous installments can be found here. Dear Businesslady, I have a situation at work that is stressing me the heck out! I've been an associate at my current firm for about three years now. It's a great place to work and I think I'm fairly good at my job. When I first started, I worked most closely with one of the partners, let's call her

  6. Welcome to THE DOUGH, an occasional series in which Manjula Martin talks with women in creative professions about money and work. When I called AB Chao on the phone, she was in New Orleans painting the kitchen cabinets in her new apartment. The cabinets had been “a gross, rental off-white” and Chao was in the middle of a lengthy process of repainting them bright white, not being pleased with the results, then repainting them again.

  7. Pilot G-Tec pen, $3.95, Officemax. CPU: $.19 per overwrought diary entry.


    Garlic press, $10.00, Ikea. CPU: $2.50 per clove. (Lost part of it after one use.)


    UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs T-shirt, $15.00, UC Santa Cruz Bookstore. CPU: $7.50 per wear. Funnier in theory.


    No Run! tights, $18.00. CPU: $18 per wear. Got a run.

  8. I used to have a hard time understanding the intimate friendships between other women. They talked multiple times each day, texted encouragements like, “You got this!” and shared emotions more intimate than romance. I couldn’t help feeling both envious and smug. An engineer and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, I had adapted by deriding the girlish sentimentality I couldn’t seem to understand. My friend Amy, in constant contact with her best friend Alyssa, tried to explain it to…

  9. Dear Businesslady, My roommate is preparing for an interview for a position with a different team in the same large organization where he works. He met up with the person who referred him to the position, a former colleague, for coffee and learned for the first time that this very same person would be his supervisor if he were to get the new position. This understandably changed the tone of the conversation, and it turned

  10. This conversation first appeared in Scratch magazine’s Q4 2014 issue. Read more Scratch about the business of being a writer here. In the publishing industry, most of the gatekeepers come from a place of race and class privilege. How does this skewed power dynamic affect the careers of writers of color? Scratch invited our panelists to have a conversation about their experiences as people who walk through those “gates” every day. Novelist and essayist…

  11. Stephen Lurie's previous work for The Toast can be found here.

    The modern economy requires new twists on the classic meet-and-greet office games. Use these great ice breakers to help new hires contend with the realities and demands of the ‘10s work environment, streamline workflows, and identify HR challenges.

    Trust Fall

    Original versions of the “trust fall” had one blindfolded participant fall backward into the arms of a

  12. A couple of weeks ago, somebody wrote me on Tumblr asking how I come up with my ideas. He said he’s an aspiring artist, and that his biggest problem is finding inspiration. He explained how he spends long nights staring at a blank canvas, and it was turning him off to art. I replied, admitting that I had spent the past hour or so staring at a blank computer screen, completely uninspired, and had

  13. Email us questions at, subject line “businesslady.” Previous installments can be found here. Dear Businesslady, How long can I wait to quit after accepting a promotion at a workplace I dislike? Despite the fact that I wanted to turn down said promotion and stay in my old position...I took it. At the time I was in the midst of trying to get the heck out of

  14. Do you like your job?

    It’s fine

  15. This piece was sponsored for Gwen from Andy, who wishes you many belated birthdays. He'll do better going forward. The Secret Olive Garden You start with a cholera epidemic and end with something truly magical. Watercress Down Carnivores frequently dismiss salad as rabbit food. In this restaurant, it really is. Griddle Women Comfort food from New England accompanied by the surprisingly tasty delicacy of pickled limes. Don’t be alarmed by the scent of burning hair emanating…