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Exhibit the first: all of his drug scenes from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.


Exhibit the second: his face on the top two frames of “Shirt In A Can.”


Exhibit the third: “And some guy went, ‘Who’s Don Cheadle?'” This is very charming, and also Tim Meadows is aging very handsomely and looks good in glasses.

Exhibit the fourth: “The Ladies’ Man” was not a funny sketch. It was not; we have to acknowledge that. And yet Tim Meadows found a way to wring a laugh out of me every time. I have to respect that.

Exhibit the fifth: His carpal tunnel cast in Mean Girls.

Exhibit the sixth: His long con as Mike the Mailman on Bob’s Burgers.

In conclusion, Tim Meadows is great; let’s talk about him for the rest of the afternoon. Did you know that his tenure was the sixth-longest in all of SNL’s history? Beats Kevin Nealon, even.

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