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beauty-in-simplicity-1435465-mHi gang! As you know, we’ve had the first installment of The Trans* Series, a fantastic piece by Parker Molloy, and I just wanted to touch base about a little concern of mine, and to let you know about another option for writers.

As I’ve mentioned in the comments here and elsewhere, I’m really on the fence about the concept of this as a SERIES, with a special header, because our goal is to show the wildly different topics and viewpoints and interests of trans* people, and I think that separating those stories from the rest of the site’s content can be marginalizing, though it helps get the word out that we’re looking for trans* stories and makes it easy for people to find them all in a tidy place.

This morning, I happily agreed to an author’s wish to run their story outside of the series, and I just want everyone to know that that’s always an option. If you want your story to be part of The Trans* Series, it can be, and if you’d rather have it run like any other piece, we’re pleased to accommodate that.

SO, please continue submitting, merrily, and know that you have options about how your story will appear.

The Toast: now with extra editorial handwringing!

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