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This very brief post is dedicated to the memory of the late Harold Ramis. Also, the editors just noticed this Twitter account, and it’s rad.

Happy New Year from Stay Puft! Did you serve #marshmallows at your party?


Every year millions of children go hungry. For every RT we’ll donate $1 to #Ethopia, up to $10K. #StayPuftCares


#DidYouKnow? In ancient #Egypt, #marshmallows were used as #medicine! #facts


Fill in the blank: “Stay Puft Marshmallows go great with _______.”


Can you think of a popular snack food that doesn’t have the letter ‘e’? Let us know your guesses!


It’s #MarshmallowMonday! Use this fun #hashtag to share pics of you and your family enjoying Stay Puft #Marshmallows!


We love our mascot Mr. Stay Puft! He’s a big big hit wherever he shows up!


We apologize for last night’s tweet. We had not yet heard about the incident in New York. Our thoughts & prayers are with everyone affected.


Stay Puft Marshmallows did not authorize the use of our brand identity in last night’s tragic event. We are deeply saddened and dismayed.


RT to thank the #NYPD, #NYFD and the #Ghostbusters for their bravery! #StayPuftCares

Adam Bertocci is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter and humorist working in and around New York. Follow him on Twitter for updates on his numerous failings in life.

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